109 fresh COVID-19 positive cases confirmed in Meghalaya, one more succumbs

COVID-19: Meghalaya has 534 active cases

Shillong, Nov 19: One more COVID-19 patient died in Meghalaya, taking the fatality count in the State to 104, while 109 more persons tested positive for COVID-19, taking the number of active cases to 801 on Thursday.

60 new recoveries has been reported today, taking total number of recovered patients to 10,074.

Fresh 109 COVID-19 positive cases were 51 from East Khasi Hills district(High risk- 20,ILI Case – 01,Jaiaw Cluster – 01,Jail Cluster – 02,Laban Cluster – 02,Laitumkhrah cluster- 02,Lapalang Cluster – 06,Lawsohtun Cluster – 01,Lumparing Cluster – 01,Madanrting cluster- 01,Mawlai Kynton Massar Cluster – 01,Mawprem cluster- 04,Nongrah cluster- 01,Nongthymmai cluster- 02,Police Bazar Cluster – 02,Returnee- 03 and Rynjah Cluster – 01), 42 from West Garo Hills district (High risk- 18,Cherangre Cluster – 14,ILI Case- 01,Dobasipara – 07,Screening Purpose – 01 and Returnee – 01), 04 from Ri Bhoi district ( High risk- 03 and Returnee – 01), 04 from South Garo Hills district (High risk- 03 and Police Personnel- 01),03 from East Garo Hills district (High risk- 02 and Health worker- 01), 02 from East Jaintia Hills district (High risk- 01 and Returnee – 01), 01 each high risks from North Garo Hills, South West Garo Hills district  and West Khasi Hills district.

Fresh 60  COVID-19  recovered cases were 36 from East Khasi Hills district(High risk- 23,Armed forces/ Para-military- 03,Health worker- 03,Returnee- 05 and Mawprem cluster- 02), 09 from West Garo Hills district (High risk- 06,Screening purpose- 02 and Health worker- 01), 05 high risk from East Garo Hills district, 04 from West Khasi Hills district (High risk- 03 and Health worker- 01), 02 ILI case from Ri Bhoi District, 02 high risk from South West Garo Hills district, 01 each high risk from West Jaintia hills district and South Garo Hills district.

Till date, the State has registered 10,979 COVID-19 cases, of which 801 are active,104 deceased and 10,074 have recovered.