Chief Minister inaugurates Pig Breeding farm at Rikwareng, Samanda, East Garo Hills

Shillong, Aug 10: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma today inaugurated the newly constructed Pig Breeding farm at Rikwareng, Samanda in East Garo Hills and rolled out the Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme.

Addressing the gathering at the launch programme the Chief Minister said that through the different Mission Mode programmes, the Governmant has reach out to the rural farming communities.

He said that the government in the last four years have made interventions to ensure rural livelihood and upscaling of income generation activities.

“4.5 lakh farming communities in the State were in dire need of a systematic programme for upscaling their livelihood and through a synergistic approach we have rolled out several programmes,” he said while informing that through the Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme, about 6000 beneficiaries will be given piglets for rearing.

He said depending on the feedback and response of the programme the Government will extend the programme to cover additional 15000 beneficiaries.

The first phase of the project is earmarked at a cost of Rs. 16.92 crore for 6000 beneficiaries wherein 24000 piglets will be distributed across the State.

He said that the Government is contemplating to accord additional Rs. 25 crore for Rural Backyard Piggery scheme, a programme that is jointly funded by the State and National Livestock Mission.

He said that apart from Rural Backyard Piggery Mission, the Government is currently implementing the largest piggery scheme of Rs. 109 crore in the State.

He said that through the piggery scheme the Government envisages to tap the opportunity on the shortage of pork supply in the State. He said that the Government imports pigs amounting to ₹600 Cr annually for consumption in the State.

He expressed confidence that through the intervention the shortage of pork supply can be addressed and the pig farmers will reap the benefits.

During the programme, the Chief Minister along with MLA, Williamnagar, Marcuise Marak, MLA, Rongjeng, Jim Sangma and other dignitaries distributed the piglets and also cheques to producers group under FOCUS programme.

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Mukul Sangma lambasts NPP-led MDA government over poor governance

Mukul refutes report of him and 12 others joining TMC

Shillong, Aug 10: Pacing up with back to back meetings all across the state, Meghalaya TMC conducted a block committee meeting at Jirang in Ri Bhoi district today. The event was studded with senior party leaders along with the leader of the opposition Dr. Mukul Sangma along and TMC Meghalaya’s chief whip George B Lyngdoh.

Addressing the people, Dr. Mukul Sangma lambasted on the NPP-led MDA government over multifarious issues such as poor governance, substandard educational infrastructure and insensitive border issues. Elaborating on the hardship faced by the people due to non-availability of electricity, he said, “Who will take care of people’s need when MeECL and it’s entities are suffering?”

The other leaders present at the event were Gilbert Nongrum, Fabian Lyngdoh, Sunmoon Marak, Saralyn Dorphang.

Marking the event a success, innumerable people from Jirang showered their support and commitment to Meghalaya Trinamool Congress.

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Conrad Sangma lays foundation for Integrated Block Development Complex at Nongstoin

Shillong, Aug 10: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday laid foundation for Integrated Block Development Complex at Nongstoin in West Khasi Hills in presence of C&RD Minister Hamletson Dohling and local MLA Macmillan Byrsat.

During the programme he also handed over financial assistance for oyster mushroom farmers under the Meghalaya Mushroom Mission and producers group under the FOCUS programme.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the government has accorded thrust to backward regions of the State and is working to ensure that development interventions reach to every nook and corner of the State.

The Chief Minister said that the new block office will ensure efficient services to the people of the area.

Sangma also said that the government infrastructure in rural areas and at block level were in dilapidated condition and government is ensuring that new infrastructure is being created for providing better services.

He informed that the government has earmarked Rs. 3 cr for each block for developing infrastructure in all the 46 blocks of the State.

Emphasizing on the Government’s constant endeavour to improve road connectivity in different parts of the State Sangma said that improvement of various important roads in West Khasi Hills such as the Nongsoin-Maweit road, Nongstoin-Wakhaji and Nongstoin-Rambrai-Kyrshai road, have been initiated.

He aslo said that Rs. 26.5 crore have been earmarked for the improvement of internal roads in Nongstoin town.

The Chief Minister also informed that apart from creating infrastructure, the government is providing socio economic development by providing welfare schemes to women and farmers.

He told the gathering that more than Rs. 300 cr has been released to 35,000 SHGs in the State in last four years.

While informing that 4.5 lakh women are part of these SHGs he said that the government’s push for the SHG movement has led to better financial inclusion of women which is crucial for overall economic progress of the state.

Sangma also informed that direct financial assistance have been provided to over 18000 producers group under FOCUS programme.

“The Govt intends to continue with welfare initiatives for the farmers. We want to ensure that our farmers progress that ultimately ensures financial stability and development of the farming community,” the Chief Minister said.

Sangma said that through FOCUS and FOCUS plus programme will enable and ensure support to the farmers and producers groups for financial stability.

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Mukul Sangma attacks ruling dispensation over ineffective and poor governance

Shillong, Aug 9: Meghalaya TMC conducted a large-scale party meeting in Dadenggre, West Garo Hills on Tuesday.

Senior party leaders graced the event in the presence of the leader of the opposition Dr. Mukul Sangma along with TMC MLA’s Zenith Sangma and Lazarus Sangma.

Addressing the people, Dr. Sangma launched a scathing attack on the NPP-led MDA government over ineffective and poor governance leading to abysmal conditions for the people of the constituency.

Dr. Sangma pointing out the deplorable condition of the road leading to the constituency said, “We are definitely concerned after seeing the disparity which is apparent, numerous initiatives were taken  in the previous government but today if you see the Phulbari- Rongram road in a deplorable state, I want to ask why is there a delay? We were able to get support from the World Bank through Meghalaya Integrated Transport program where in phase 1 we got 120 million dollars package, unfortunately, the govt couldn’t take advantage of these programs for whatever reasons best known to them”

“For this particular road project, the total sanction amount is 130 crores out of which 77 crores have already been paid to the contractor, but not even 30 percent progress can be seen, we need to go deeper, interestingly the contract is given to the same contractor who was allotted the contract of the Meghalaya legislative assembly building, now we have to find out what is that special quality thus contactor has, as he is getting all the major contracts despite of irregularities in his past projects.” Dr. Sangma added.

After the event, MLA from Songsak addressed the media about the B-Mahal land issue and stated, “The land and resources of Meghalaya whether it’s in Garo Hills or Khasi or Jaintia, the land and resources belong to our people. And based on our customary laws, practices, and traditional rights owners of these land resources have also the onus of responsibility for administering them. Now in respect of the particular area which is referred to have the area falling under B-Mahal these are the areas where though the land has been inherited by our people, resides in these particular areas for centuries and since time immemorial, the onus of responsibility of the District Council is to ensure that there is no alienation of land from the people who are residing in those areas.”

TMC leader from the Dadenggre, Rupa Marak spoke about his candidature for 2023 upcoming elections and said,” People of the constituency are tired of this inefficient govt, and looking for a change, look at the number of people who have turned up, these people are fed up with the current state of affairs and are looking for a formidable change.”

Meghalaya TMC got an overwhelming reception from the citizens of the constituency with more than 1500 registrations at the event. The other leaders at the event were Cherak W Momin MDC from Kharkutta, Agassi Marak MDC from Balachanda, and General Secretary of Meghalaya Pradesh Trinamool Youth Congress.

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