ACHIK expresses regrets over KAS statement

Meghalaya Govt to set up a separate Directorate of Forensic Sciences

SHILLONG: The Achik Conscious Holistically Integrated Krima (ACHIK) on Wednesday expressed regrets over the statement made by the Khasi Authors Society (KAS) of leaving Garo language aside from the inclusion in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

In a statement, ACHIK education secretary Macklawrence M Sangma countered the statement made by KAS general secretary that the Garo language is becoming a barrier to the Khasi language for inclusion in the Eighth Schedule.

He said the person holding such a dignified position could have been more generous in weaving the words by saying that Khasi language has somehow been listed and that the Garo Society should focus and concentrate more in literary works and research.

Sangma said that trivial words belittling the status of Garo language is uncalled for and could have been evaded.

Contrary to the KAS’s GS, who thinks that Garo or A·chik population is less, the Education Secretary

Said he would like to bring to knowledge that there are Garo speakers in Assam, Nagaland,

Tripura, Arunachal and West Bengal apart from Meghalaya.

“Even in Bangladesh, one can find an interesting population that speaks Garo language, the example of which is that there is a Garo MP in Bangladesh that represents the tribal in Bangladesh.

Apart from Bangladesh, one can find Garo people being represented by Garo MLA in Assam Assembly and Tripura Assembly. The number of representations in Assembly in different state signifies the strength of numbers of Garo speakers in the other state,” he said while adding that the Garo language is also being studied in Schools colleges and university and even Ph.D in Garo is

being taken up.

“The joint resolution was taken by the Assembly but it does not mean that just because we are not fulfilling the criteria one cannot make absurd statements to hurt the sentiments of the Garos,” Sangma stated.

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