Amendment to Sixth Schedule made to ensure balance between development and traditional customs

Amendment to Sixth Schedule made to ensure balance between development and traditional customs

Shillong, Aug 26: Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma on Thursday said that the Centre is amending the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution in order to ensure that there is a balance between aspects of development and aspects of traditional customs and practices of the people in the state.

According to Sangma the government of India will amend the Constitution so as to give financial support to the district councils however this will require certain democratic process which needs to be followed.

The Chief Minister was speaking to media persons after a final meeting held with the CEMs of the three autonomous district councils (ADCs) on the Amendment Bill & suggestions of the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

“We have ironed out our final recommendations in detail for submission to the Committee,” Sangma tweeted.

He informed that the meeting has decided that the government as well as the district councils will asked for the removal of the words “unrepresented tribes” from the proposal recommended by the committee.

Sangma also informed that the government and the ADCs have decided that the houses will have not more than 40 members out of which not more than four members shall be nominated.

“Fifty percent of the nominated members will be women,” Titosstarwell Chyne, KHADC, CEM said.

On the issue of village councils, Sangma informed that in Garo Hills, the Nokmas who are traditional heads will handle issues of land, customary laws and practices.

The Chief Minister said that at the same time from the development point of view in order to ensure that the Finance Commission’s money and funds come in and schemes are implemented, village council elections should be held.

In Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills region, Sangma informed that the government will recommend that village dorbars should continue and elections should be held.

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