Ardent questions MeECL’s decision to execute LOA for maintaining 56 33/11KV Sub Stations to outside firm

Ardent Basaiawmoit file phto 2018

Shillong, May 12: The Revolution Ïada La Ka Ri on Wednesday said that the decision of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL), to execute the Letter of Award for the Operation and Maintenance of 56(Fifty-Six)  33/11KV Sub Stations under the Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Limited to M/S Broadcasting Engineering Consultants Corporation India Limited (BECIL) Noida, despite strong opposition from various quarters indicate its brazen disregard to the concern  of the various stakeholders.

The convener of the revolution, Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit said that the functioning of the MeECL is currently under scrutiny, due to serious lapses and corruption charges even as he said that in the recent past various organisations and individuals have expressed their apprehensions with regard to a number of decisions made by MeECL and  the demand for an independent and impartial inquiry.

“However, one fails to understand the reason behind the rush to offer the LOA at this juncture. This especially so, when the state government had already constituted an inquiry committee headed by a retired judge,” Basaiawmoit said.

He also asked the constituents of the present government, especially the regional parties, who used to make tall claims about protecting the interest of the indigenous people of the State, whether the decision of the MeECL to outsource the operation and maintenance of 56 Sub Stations is in the interest of the indigenous population and the consumer at large?.

He said that it is expected that the state government would for the time being, put all the decisions of the MeECL management in abeyance till the inquiry is completed.

“I strongly urge upon the state government to put on hold any signing  of agreement between the MeECL with any firm or company.The Government should also  recall the issuance of the LOA for outsourcing the Sub Stations. If, the Government fails to put on hold all the controversial decisions made by the MeECL management, it will seriously undermine sincerity of the Government and would be seen as an attempt to hoodwink the people,” Basaiawmoit added.