Bernard Marak says that raid on his farmhouse was premeditated

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Shillong, Jul 23: Bernard N Marak, Member of District Council (MDC) of Garo Hills Autonomous District Council said that a pre-meditated raid was conducted in his private farm house (Rimpu Bagan) and later at his mother’s house.

“All allegations are targeted to arrest me with fabricated allegations,” Marak said.

According to him, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has made things very personal by asking the police department to link the raid in his farm house with some POCSO case in February this year.

“I was always cooperating with any investigation and we’re never absconding. Why should that case be linked to yesterday’s raid now?” he asked.

He alleged that the raid was conducted without warrant at the instruction of the Chief Minister wherein all the state machinery had been abused by him.

Marak said that the allegation of running a brothel is false and none of those detained were involved in any indecent activities.

He said that the police trespassed and harassed the minor students whom he was sponsoring to study and alleged them to be indulging in sexual activities.

Marak also said that it was very immature on the part of the Chief Minister to target him and his family members just because he is losing ground politically.

He said that people are losing faith in the NPP led government in the state and it will lose most of the seats in the 2023 assembly elections.

The BJP state vice-president also said that his party was raising a voice against illegal activities by NPP and now the Chief Minister is doing everything within his power to ensure that the saffron party doesn’t win a seat in Meghalaya.

“His divide and rule formula is evident. He has created a rift between our two sitting MLAs while giving a ticket to Hek’s nephew to fight against him in his party ticket,” Marak said.

He also said that even Sanbor Shullai was unnecessarily dragged into a controversy for something that got completely blown out of proportion.

“Ever since the NPP was sidelined in Manipur, all their frustrations are being poured in the state against the BJP,” Marak added.

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