Blah quit Congress since he realized there is no future : Conrad Sangma

Shillong, Oct 5: Chief Minister and national president of the NPP, Conrad Sangma said that senior KHADC member, Lamphrang Blah quit the Congress since he realised that there is no future in the party.

Sangma was speaking at a programme to welcome, Blah into the NPP and will contest the Mawphlang assembly bye election.

The NPP national president said that Blah quit the party since he realised that the Congress is disintegrating throughout the country.

Sangma said that the Congress in the national level only has a temporary president.

Sangma said that even after three years the Congress were not able to elect a leader.

“If the leadership is not there who will make the party grow,” Sangma said.

The NPP national president said that because of this Congress is disintegrating.

The chief minister said that there is no use being in a sinking ship.