Book sanitizing’ machine unveiled at NEHU’s Central Library

Book sanitizing’ machine unveiled at NEHU’s Central Library

Shillong, Sept 23: An auto book sanitizing composite machine, a novel device and a marvel invention, first of its kind, was unveiled and inaugurated at the Central Library of the North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU).

The machine was unveiled by NEHU Vice Chancellor Prof. S.K. Srivastava.

The book sanitizing machine is an innovative product translated from a thought to reality and invented by a team of the innovators and product developers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Basic Sciences and Social Sciences, NEHU, which includes Vinayak Majhi, Ashit K. Baruah, Richman Kharwanniang, Aseem Sinha and Sudip Paul in collaboration with F R Sumer, JP Nongbri and BJD Wahlang from the Central Library of the University.

Acknowledging the talent and hard work put in by the NEHU team in bringing out this innovative product for the University library, Srivastava lauded this timely intervention of the indigenous technology to generate safety measures to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic for a societal benefit at large.

He quoted the development of such a sanitizing machine as a “fantastic fusion of library”, a place to provide knowledge and the School of Technology, the place to convert that knowledge in to the means for social benefit.

Srivastava introduced the idea of christening the product by the acronym, “ABSCoM”.

Aseem Sinha, one of the members of the product development team presented the overview of the project followed by live demonstration of the machine by Vinayak Majhi and Ashik K. Baruah.

“This sanitizing machine functions in an auto-controlled mode to sanitize all kinds of reading materials without causing any kind of damage to the material,” said FR Sumer, librarian In-charge, NEHU.

Book sanitizing’ machine unveiled at NEHU’s Central Library
Book sanitizing’ machine unveiled at NEHU’s Central Library

“Such a device was felt necessary, about two months ago to manage the handling of the books and other reading materials, while in circulation among the students and other users, especially in the post lock down situation. The sole objective behind such thought is to keep a facility ready for a Covid-19-free environment in the University library for safe use of the books under circulation,” he spelt out.

“The project was sanctioned by the Incubation Centre of the University and the product was made ready along with its testing in a short period (nearly two and half months) particularly against extreme odds and challenges due to the pandemic situation, during the months of May to July this year. Training was imparted to the library staff to operate the machine,” a NEHU statement said.

“ABSCoM is a safe and user friendly, cost-effective device, indigenously developed with a capacity to sanitize up to 150 odd books in one cycle of about 45 minutes at a recurring cost of 20-30 paisa per book,” it added.