Catch and Release angling competition held in the city

Shillong,April 7: Angling which is a favorite recreational activity of the local people of Meghalaya got a new dimension with the introduction of the ‘Catch and Release Angling competition (an annual event) held in the city on Thursday at Wards Lake, where the angler wins a cash prize for a catch while the fish is set free. “The objective of the programme is to promote pisciculture in the state especially as we are implementing the aqua culture mission started in year 2012-13,” said Principal Meghalaya State Fishery Research and training institution, DB Kharwanlang. The angling competition is part and parcel of the Meghalaya Aqua fest 2017, he added. An enthusiastic angler for decades, Imran Pathaw observed that it is a much required initiative to counter the rapidly depleting aquatic eco-system.
“This kind of initiative is more welcoming since it not only benefits the aquatic eco-system but it also continues the money making streak of the anglers,” said Pathaw adding, “ We win cash prize and the fishes are let lose after that”.
The cash prize for the event was Rs 8,000 first prize, Rs 6,000 second prize and Rs 2,000 third prize.

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