Central prison to be set up in state to decongest district jails

Shillong, Jan 14: The State government to avoid congestion in the Shillong District jail is planning to complete the construction of the Nongstoin District Jail, as well as to setting up of a Central Prison.

Inspection General of Prison, Mariahom Kharkrang said that these are the long term measures.

Kharkrang did not deny the fact that the Shillong District jail is overcrowded.

He said that the actual strength of the Shillong District jail is 167 but it is presently housing more than 450 inmates.

He also said that the state’s prison department had initiated prisons reform.

Some time of the reforms would be providing skill development to the inmates, through Meghalaya State Skill Development Society, coaching of inmates in various indoor and outdoor sports.

Kharkrang also said that a proposal has been sent to the state government to change the nomenclature of Prison Department to Prisons and Correctional Services, change the attitude of prison staffs towards the inmates.

Kharkrang also flagged off five UTP vans which will be handed over to the district police and sub divisional police.

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