Congress MDC opposes home isolation of COVID-19 positive patients, high risk contacts

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Shillong, Oct 6: Congress MDC from Rambrai-Jyrngam, Bajop Pyngrope has opposed the state government’s move to encourage home isolation of COVID-19 positive patients and high risk contacts.

According to Pyngrope, the rangbah shnongs (headmen) as well as other citizens have rightly expressed their apprehensions over keeping positive patients in their respective localities.

“The state government, on the other hand, has been harping on the need for the infected as well as high risk contacts to isolate themselves at their respective homes is ‘madness’ on the part of the Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong, who propagate such an idea,” said the MDC.

“In a pandemic you are not supposed to mix with your family especially when one is infected of SARS-Cov2. You are supposed to have your own toilet, you are not supposed to have visitors. If you are going to keep people at home, you need to be really sure they are not transmitting the virus,” he further stated.

He said the government is duty bound to create isolating hospitals and negative pressure room. To manage the coronavirus crisis, he said the government should follow contacts and test liberally, keep people who test positive in hospital, have in place a storng and regular communication on what people can do to minimize risk, not to go into lockdown based on fear and there is need for organized leadership.

“Last but not least, one of the aspirational goals and calls throughout the pandemic is the need to set differences aside, to unite and take action in fighting the pandemic together. There is no need to score brownie points at a time like this when the opposition rightly raises issues where government has failed,” he said.

The MDC also said that the government should admit that it did fail, so that things become clearer and better.

“The government should walk the talk and be frugal instead of foolishly spend Rs 200 crore without prioritizing expenditure when it has only Rs 100 crore in pocket to overcome the pandemic,” he stated.