Congress MLA says govt taking ‘panic decision’ in dealing with Covid situation

Congress MLA says govt taking ‘panic decision’ in dealing with Covid situation

Shillong, May 11: Opposition Congress legislator, Zenith M Sangma on Tuesday said that there should be proper planning while making any strategies to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“Instead of being pro-active in dealing with the Covid situation, the government is rather found to be taking panic decision,” Sangma said.

According to him, on May 5 morning news spread that there would not be lockdown instead there will be identification and declaration of containment and micro-containment zones to prevent the spread of virus.

“But on the contrary, at around 1 pm on the same day, the government announced that from 8 pm there will be complete lockdown for five consecutive days,” he added.

“Then all of a sudden people rush to the market making it overcrowded and started panic buying, breaking all the protocol norms and SOPs, which the Police and other enforcing agencies could not control,” he added.

According to Sangma COVID – 19 pandemic is not new to Meghalaya, since the advent of the pandemic there was a demand for the construction of designated COVID hospital in Tura, however the Chief Minister realised that the numbers were going down at one point of time last year and therefore put a halt in the project.

“How can he (CM) draw such a conclusion when everyone was preparing for the second wave of Covid?” he added.

Sangma said that with the sudden surge in COVID 19 cases the government which was sleeping for more than one year has now decided to construct COVID hospital in Tura.

“COVID is here to stay and the Government should have anticipated that. Due to complacency and lack of farsightedness, we are facing problem and even we are loosing precious lives. Everyday 8-9 people are being succumbed to this virus,” he added.

On the Chief Minister attending the swearing-in ceremony of Assam Chief Minister along with some of his ministers and taking his entourage he tried to justify that since he has taken both the doses of vaccine, he need not be tested nor has to quarantine.

“I wonder what is the Chief Minister trying to make the people know about. Even if someone has taken vaccine, one can still be a carrier of the virus. It is completely misleading statement that too from the Chief Minister of the state, which is very detrimental. Therefore in the fitness of things, the Chief Minister should give proper explanation correcting his previous statement,” Sangma demanded.