Conrad: Govt firm to maintain law and order in state

Meghalaya cabinet regularizes payment of 100 percent stamp duties by tribal mining lease holders

Shillong, Oct 21: Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma on Wednesday said that law and order would be firmly maintained in the state in the wake of the recent tension after three non-tribals had accused the government and other agencies of discrimination.

On Wednesday, the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) activists staged a protest against the proposed visit of members of the All Bengali Youth & Students Organization (ABYSO), citing that it is an attempt to interfere with the affairs of the state and to disturb peace.

The protests by the members of the KSU North Khasi Hills District and KSU South Khasi Hills District on Wednesday were held at Toll Plaza, Pahammawlein in Ri Bhoi and Sohra in East Khasi Hills. In Shillong city banners condemning the murder of its member Lurshai Hynniewta in Ichamati on February 28 this year were put up in the city.

Sangma said that the State was ready to talk to the different groups for resolving the ‘confusion’ and ‘misunderstanding’ over the Ichamati issue.

“We are in the process of communicating and talking to everybody, in fact, along with the government of India,” Chief Minister, the Chief Minister on Wednesday.

He said the government is communicating to the concerned organisations within the state and outside the state to ensure that the situation does not aggravate.

“By communicating and talking to different organizations, we will be able to normalize the situation,” Sangma said.