Conrad: No one came forward to submit documents to HLC

Conrad: No one came forward to submit documents to HLC

Shillong, Oct 11: Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma said that the High Level Committee (HLC) had given the opportunity ample time for stakeholders, individuals or groups to come and submit any kind of documentation to claim their rights over the land in Them Iewmawlong which houses the Sweeper’s Colony.

“Sadly nobody has come forward with any kind of information to the committee. So therefore, as per the reports of the committee nobody came forward with any documentation inspite of being given multiple opportunities,” Sangma informed.

The Chief Minister was responding to a query by the media, that the Harijan Panchayat Committee had claimed that the land was given to their ancestors as a gift by the then Syiem of Mylliem.

According to the Chief Minister, now whatever the government of Meghalaya is going to do, it is after three years of detailed homework.

According to Sangma from now on whatever decisions the government will make it is going to be legally sound.

“Any action to be taken by government will be based on proper documentation and proper legal facts,” he added.

The Chief Minister also added that it is important that individuals, leaders from government of Punjab need to understand that the ownership of the land is with the government in terms of the lease that has been signed with the Syiem of Mylliem.

Sangma added that as per the recommendations of the HLC, government employees residing in the Sweeper’s Colony are being asked to go to the government quarters provided to them.

“So it is not that people are going to be simply left on the streets. It is being made to look that everybody is going to be simply thrown out. Well that is not correct,” the Chief Minister added.

On the government of Punjab, stating that it will meet Union Home Minister, Amit Shah to urge him to intervene into the matter, Sangma said that one cannot stop anybody, if they have concerns for their people.

“It is not something wrong that the other governments are doing by showing their concern. It is natural that they will show their concern, but is should be clear to all – governments and individuals that whatever the government of Meghalaya will do, will be legally sound and we will follow legal procedures,” the Chief Minister said.

Sangma also said that the government is hopeful that soon it will find a complete solution to this problem.