Conrad: Opposition has put their hands down, NPP wave is across Garo Hills

Conrad: Opposition has put their hands down, NPP wave is across Garo Hills

Shillong, Apr 8: Meghalaya Chief Minister and National President of NPP Conrad K Sangma on Thursday said that prominent leaders from opposition parties are pledging their support to NPP, as people across party lines have seen the visible development in the State.

He said that the opposition has put their hands down and are not even campaigning as the wave of NPP is across the region. “We are confident of getting an absolute majority in the council election and form the executive committee”, he said.

Thanking the people of Garo Hills for showing their concern to NPP, he informed the gathering at Rongara during an election meeting that the ruling Govt is committed to fast track development in the South Garo Hills region.

He said that the government is committed to transform the development scenario in South Garo Hills and have prioritised a chart for growth of South Garo Hills.

He told the gathering that by 2023 before the next assembly election, a number of interventions, which has been initiated by the Govt will be completed.

“Infrastructure development and social development and livelihood is the main focus of this government and we are committed to transform the lives of the region and provide economic opportunities to our people”, the Chief Minister said.

On tourism, he said that intervention will be made, so as to attract tourists from across the globe. “South Garo Hills had huge tourism potential and government has conceptualised a road map to tap the opportunity. It will take time but government is committed to turn around the situation for the people of South Garo Hills,” he asserted.

Urging the people to vote for NPP candidates, he said that team work is important in every field and states that if MDC, MLA and MP are from the same party, working together as a team will be comfortable.

He further told that it will be useless to vote for opposition or smaller parties, as they will not be able to make any difference in the council administration.

“Council needs assistance and support from the government and it is imperative that people vote for the ruling party,l and enable the GHADC to perform and make a difference in the lives of our people,” he added.