Conrad Sangma: Genome sequencing reveals highly infectious delta variant of COVID-19 virus

Shillong, Jun 10: Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma on Thursday said that the genome sequencing of a large number of samples has revealed the presence of the delta variant of the Covid-19 virus which is highly infectious.

“Therefore we are seeing spread all over the state,” the Chief Minister said.

Sangma also expressed concern over the fact that the virus has now spread all over the State.

“Now we are also seeing the spread is in other districts as well. West Garo Hills district and West Jaintia Hills district has crossed 70-80 cases on an average for the last few days. It is a matter of concern that these districts are being impacted,” the Chief Minister added.

According to him, any situation is an area of concern and therefore one has to ensure that steps are taken in advance so that containment measures can be taken and awareness created about ensuring that the reports come on time, people are tested on time and people take preventive measures.

“It is a matter of concern, no doubt about it but we have made as much arrangements as possible. We have to be careful, we have to keep a watch and continuously monitor the situation and also improve upon the overall set ups in the grass root level also,” he added.

On the issue of vaccination, the Chief Minister said that with the centre agreeing to supply doses for the 18 plus, the strategy is going to change.

“The government of India has agreed to supply for the 18 plus category also so therefore based on that we would be able to vaccinate and combine both 18 plus and 45 plus in one category,” Sangma said.

He informed that the state has approximately 1.50 lakh doses of vaccines out of which 90, 000 doses are for the 45 years above.

“So now with the change in the policy we would be able to use those dosages even for the 18 plus. So in case there is reluctantly among the 45 plus and we have more people coming in the 18 plus category we would be able to use those 90, 000 doses for the 18 plus also. So the number of vaccination will now definitely go up and we expect that based on the performance we do the number of vaccines will also go up,” Sangma added.