Corruption, illegal coal transportation likely to make Autumn session stormy

Corruption, illegal coal transportation likely to make Autumn session stormy

Shillong Oct 13: The Autumn session of Meghalaya Assembly will be stormy one, with the Opposition planning to take up alleged corruption and illegal transportation of coal in the House.

The five days session will be held from November 5 to 12.

The Business Advisory Committee of the Meghalaya Assembly which met on Monday has also finalize the calendar for the upcoming session which include three days for government business, and two days for private members business.

Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma said that the opposition will take up issues concerning the interest of the state especially corruption issue and illegalities related to transportation of coal.


Besides lack of livelihood opportunities and lack of jobs, Mukul said that now issues of corruption have also cropped up and it did not confine only to the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) or particular sector of the government.


“The allegations that hit the headlines we need to see how the government responses to these kind of allegations. Are they really responding to verify these allegations? The issue of corruption has to be addressed. I must tell you as a resident of the state, everybody has to be concerned when there is an allegation of corruption. The world over and countries which are not in pathetic situation economically, these countries are infamous of corruption. Corruption has destroyed nations all over the world. Look at all over the world, be it nations in Latin America and other nations which are today in a mess economically, and how corruption was the main cause and the whole genesis of crippling economy revolves around corruption,” the leader of Opposition said.


“If we look at the past, states that were infamous for corruption they took a long time to recover. That’s why when there is an allegation of corruption, it cannot be taken lightly. I have on a number of counts, tried to draw the attention of the government that it should show seriousness to go into the allegations and verify them,” he said.