Disputes in new areas along M’laya-Assam border ‘dangerous trend’

Disputes in new areas along M’laya-Assam border ‘dangerous trend’

Shillong, Jul 21: Congress Spokesperson, Zenith Sangma had termed as “dangerous trend” the disputes in new areas along the Meghalaya-Assam border.

Sangma said, “Now what we are seeing is there are new places where the dispute has started even in the areas where it is not considered to be areas of difference. It is a very dangerous trend,”

On the “give and take policy” to resolve the boundary issue with Assam, the senior Congress legislator said, “There are many modalities to be adopted. In the past, there were many engagements and meetings in the Chief Ministerial and Chief Secretary levels and also between the Deputy Commissioners and the present government should follow up on these.”

He also added that many meetings and engagements were held when the Congress was in power and lots of things have happened.

On the upcoming talks between the Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma and his Assam counterpart Himanta Biswa Sangma, the senior Congress legislator felt that though it is not going to solve issues pertaining to the boundary dispute, there should be continuous engagement between the two to address the issues pertaining to the inter-state boundary dispute.

Both the Chief Ministers are scheduled to meet in Shillong on July 23 to chalk out a way forward to resolve the vexed boundary dispute.

The Congress legislator also stated that the boundary dispute is “very sensitive and contentious”, and therefore tackling these kinds of issues should be with the involvement of all the stakeholders and all political parties.