FASTOM calls off its sit-in-demonstration, will pursue its demand for annual increment

Shillong, Jul. 05: The Ad hoc teachers agreed on Tuesday to end their indefinite sit-in protest but will still pursue the State Government for the fulfilment of their demand for a 5% annual salary increase.

Speaking to the teachers, Mayborn Lyngdoh, a spokesperson for FASTOM, declared that despite not receiving everything they had hoped for, this was still a triumph for them.

He contends that this was not only an issue for raising their salary but it was also a way they could highlight many issues relating to the educational system and its status in the state of meghalaya. According to him, this was a movement which brought into limelight the state of education system that exists in Meghalaya.

Mayborn Lyngdoh also stated that they planned to urge the State government to have only be three types of teachers in the State: public, private, and government-aided.

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