Govt to ensure no injustice done to any community while implementing roster: Lyngdoh

I do not anticipate any complication in the MDA after Sohiong poll: Ampareen

SHILLONG, APR 20: Spokesperson of Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government Ampareen Lyngdoh on Thursday assured that the government will come up with the best solution for implementing the roster system.

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “We will come out with the best solution and we will ensure that solution is manifested in credible information.”

She appealed to the people of the state including the political parties to allow the government to collect data and ensure in applying of the roster there will be no injustice done to any community and that the government is for the people of the state.

The cabinet minister also appealed to all political parties to give their suggestions and assured that the government is taking all advisories and suggestions and will evaluate and incorporate the same before coming out with a roster which is going to be acceptable by all.

Lyngdoh also requested the need for citizens of the state to ensure that a practice that was propagated since the inception of the state with its positives and negatives should not be discussed beyond logical debate.

She said the government is also aware that the roster does in all likelihood create some sort of a sense of insecurity amongst communities that are enjoying this reservation in the state of Meghalaya.

The spokesperson also urged the people of the state not to underestimate the capacity of the government to evaluate what practice will benefit the state in the long run.

She informed that the government is actively engaging on understanding the roster as it was and how best can we take that forward protecting the interest of all communities who will gradually and definitely be affected by it.

“I want to give an assurance to the people of the state that the government is engaging actively. We have been advised by various court orders to ensure that we have a systematic application of the reservation policy that will seem like a policy that is sensitive to citizens across the board. We will try our best to understand this system and to ensure that while applying it we should not seem as a government that is unjustly applying a system,” she said.

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