HYC close down office of Karuna Trust for terminating 13 nurses

HYC close down office of Karuna Trust for terminating 13 nurses

SHILLONG, APR 3: The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Monday close down the office of the Karuna Trust at Jylli Shop Shillong as a mark of protest against the alleged termination of over 13 ANM nurses from 11 primary health centres (PHCs) across the state.

The Karuna Trust has been operating the PHCs in different parts of the state especially in rural areas.

Speaking to media persons, general secretary of HYC Roykupar Synrem said that around 13 local ANM nurses were slapped with termination letters by Karuna Trust and after enquiry it was found that the termination was done as per the direction received through a letter from the state government.

Synrem said that when the Karuna Trust had invited for the applicants to the post of Nurses, it had not put any criteria but now without explanation or without giving notice, these 13 nurses were terminated from their services.

“The termination of these 13 ANM nurses was done instantly. The Karuna Trust should give them ample time as it will affect many especially those who have worked for more than 10-14 years,” said Synrem.

Synrem informed that as per information received from the Trust, it indicated that the termination was due to the fact that over 27 workers were unable to provide registration certificates proving that they are affiliated with the nursing council.

In this regard, Synrem stated that until and unless the officers-in-charge do not come and meet the HYC, the Karuna Trust will be under lock and key.

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