James: Govt working towards finding solutions to power woes

James: Govt working towards finding solutions to power woes.

Shillong, Nov 30: The department of power is working towards finding solutions to the various power woes facing the State, especially matters relating to the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL), State Power Minister James Sangma told journalists on Monday.

“The crisis in the MeECL was not born yesterday. The crisis has been accumulating over the past so many years. This is something you cannot really expect a quick fix solution to it,” Sangma said.

Pointing out that solutions could not be found instantly, the Power Minister said that the department was “working tirelessly towards finding solutions”.

Admitting that the MeECL had a “lot of problems” in terms of high AT & C (Aggregate Technical & Commercial) losses, he said that if these losses can be scaled down, the revenue would also “phenomenally jump.”

Sangma said that the Power department was engaged in various interventions at present, in terms of improving the distribution network, by installing new sub stations, transformers.

“So all these will help in reduction of AT & C loses which will, in other ways improve the efficiency, and also improve revenue generation of the MeECL and thereby problems which have been there in terms of payment of salaries will be resolved,” he expressed optimism.

Sangma, however, iterated that the problems cannot be solved immediately even as he pointed out that paying of salaries of the employees was a “big concern”.

“We are very concerned about making sure that we do manage to pay the salaries. I am very sure they are working, but the problems are there,” the Power Minister added.

On the allegations made by the Leader of Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma that MeECL is being used as a milch cow by authorities, the Power Minister said that the former is trying to politicize issues and raking this up just for the sake of issues.

“You do make positive criticism or constructive criticism we appreciate, but these kinds of baseless, accusations, allegations is a big waste of time for everybody,” Sangma added.

He also said that there were many positive interventions, of the MeECL over the past few months but these were not being appreciated by the opposition.