Judiciary separated fromExecutive in East Jaiñtia Hills district

Shillong, Aug 12: Separation of the Judiciary from the Executive has materialised in East Jaiñtia Hills district on Wednesday.

Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court, Justice Biswanath Somadder unveiled the plaque which marked the separation of the Judiciary from the Executive and inauguration of the court of the District and Sessions Judge at Khliehriat.

Judges of Meghalaya High Court. Justice H.S. Thangkhiew and Justice W. Diengdoh, Law Minister, James P.K. Sangma and Social Welfare Minister,Kyrmen Shylla attended the programme held at the Parking Lot, old Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Khliehriat.

In his address, the Chief Justice said that the judiciary is separated from the executive in order to make justice more accessible to the people while stating that the judiciary is an institution which steps in whenever there is a dispute particularly concerning interpretation of the law laid down by either the parliament or the state legislature.

The Chief Justice also spoke of the relationship between the executive, legislature and the judiciary and stated that there is a need for separation of these three institutions so that none of them can cause havoc to the people in a democratic setup and to avoid conflict of interest as they each have their own functions and roles while also adding that the three must work in tandem in order to maintain a delicate balance. “Article 50 of the Indian Constitution mandates that we must have this separation of the judiciary from the executive”, he said, further adding that the segregation of the executive from the judiciary will bring about access to justice and will benefit the people of the District.

The Chief Justice also took the occasion to thank the State Government for the support as the District has now reached a milestone whereby people can get access to justice with the segregation that allows only Judicial Officers to take up those matters of dispute which were earlier taken up by the officers of the executive, that is, the District Administration.

He informed that the District Legal Services Authority will now step in and reach out to the block level to find out whether the people are getting access to justice and more importantly, access to quality justice. He also called upon the headmen and the people of the District to render full cooperation to the State Legal Services Authority or the District Legal Service Authority whose task is to ensure that each person residing within the District gets access to this set up without any hindrance.

Law Minister, James P.K Sangma, in his speech termed the day as ‘red letter day’ for the people of District and the State as a whole even as he congratulated all those involved in making the event a success.

He also informed that East Jaiñtia Hills District is the ninth District in the state where the judiciary has been separated from the executive and also stated that the objective of the separation is to bring justice closer to the people.

On the occasion, the Minister expressed his sense of appreciation and gratitude to the Deputy Commissioner and the officers for having given their best in the delivery of justice in the past, in spite of being burdened with various other responsibilities.

Speaking on the status of cases in the District, the Minister said that there are many pending cases, yet, with the court of the District and Session Judge, the Chief Judicial Magistrate and Judicial Magistrate now being put in place, the scenario of disposal of cases is expected to come down and with the establishment of these courts in the District it will help in promoting the justice delivery system.

During the programme, Commissioner and Secretary, Law Department, Shri. W. Khyllep read out the notification for separation of the Judiciary from the Executive in the District.

Others who spoke include Social Welfare Minister, Kyrmen Shylla, Deputy Commissioner, East Jaiñtia Hills District, F.M Dopth, and others.

During the function, Judicial Officers of the District also introduced themselves to the gathering.

Among others present on the occasion were MLAs and MDCs of the District, G. Rani, District and Sessions Judge, East Jaiñtia Hills, other Judicial Officers, Deepak Kumar Palecha, Superintendent of Police, East Jaiñtia Hills District, District Heads, Headmen and Doloi.