KSU condemns killing of Naga civilians by security forces

Shillong, Dec 5: The Khasi Students ‘ Union (KSU) has expressed its deep resentment and anguish at the killing of civilians in Oting village of Mon district of Nagaland by security forces on Saturday.

The KSU has called the killing as “brutal slaughtering” of innocent unarmed Naga civilians by the “trigger happy”Assam Rifles.

“The dastardly act and unwarranted, unprovoked firing by the army on hapless civilians led to the untimely death of 15 innocent tribal Konyak Nagas,” KSU general secretary Donald V. Thabah said.

The KSU while conveying its condolences to the bereaved families of the victims said that the union stands with the Naga brothers and sisters in their quest for justice and their undaunted fight against oppression.

“Such boldness from the end of the Indian Army to kill people with impunity in the northeast region is solely due to the draconian Armed Force Special Powers Act which is more or less like a license to Indian soldiers to kill, torture or arrest anybody as per their whims and fancies,” Thabah said.

The KSU said that in order to once again usher in peace in the region, the Government of India should immediately revoked the AFSPA and instead formulate laws to safeguard and protect the rights and existence of
the indigenous inhabitants of northeast India.

“If the government of India is concerned about the existence of tribals in the
region then it should draw stringent and harsh action against the erring and bloodthirsty personnel involved in the above incident,” the KSU added.

The KSU is of the opinion that military deployment and establishments in the region should be reduced to minimal in order to avert a Tatmadaw like regime present in Burma.

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