Lyngdoh says planning board to contribute for the welfare of the state

Lyngdoh says planning board to contribute for the welfare of the state

SHILLONG, APR 3: Chairman of the Meghalaya State Planning Board Metbah Lyngdoh on Monday chaired the first meeting of the board.

Speaking to media persons, Lyngdoh said the first meeting of the board was basically an introductory kind of a meeting. He said the government is yet to issue necessary notification for appointment of other members of the board.

As of now the board has only three members including chairman and two co-chairmen, who all are elected representatives.

He said like the previous board, other official members will include chief secretary, commissioner & secretary and others including experts from different fields.

He said the planning department in consultation with the chief minister and the board chairman will notify those expert members about 4-5 members to be members of this planning board.

The chairman of the planning board said, “Once we have a full-fledged board we will swing into action as far as the board is concerned to discuss about the different line departments and to suggest the government accordingly.”

“We will start sometime again next week. We will have a review and we will meet the chief minister and discuss with them about the function of the board and how to make it more effective we will suggest and discuss with him,” he said.

When asked, Lyngdoh said, “We are not here just because we are appointed as chairman or members of the board. We are here to contribute to the welfare of the state and we are very committed.”

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