MDA Govt completes two years in office

Shillong, Mar 6: The National People’s Party (NPP)-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) has completed two years in office on Friday.

It was on March 6, 2018, that NPP national president Conrad K Sangma was sworn in as the chief minister following the formation of the MDA government, which is backed by the BJP and other regional parties in the state.

Sangma told reporters that he had called all the coalition partners and senior officials to his chamber and held a small prayer meeting as the government has completed two years.

“We just felt that it is good to remind ourselves what we are here for and recommit ourselves to the people and the state,” he said.

The chief minister also said, “I am positive with the team that is motivated and efficient, we will be able to achieve all the goals that we have planned.”

Stating that the two years have been quite eventful for the MDA government, Sangma said, “Lots of activities have taken place and there have been lots of challenges too. Through the last two years, I have seen that the team specially our coalition partners, officers, we have been very positive and have always taken all challenges in a positive manner.”

“There has also been a sense of mission and commitment towards the people of the state, I think that is very satisfying to see,” he said.

The chief minister further claimed there have been lots of improvements in governance and delivery at the grassroot level.

“We have been focusing from day one and that involves monitoring, accountability and ensuring different kind of regular meetings are taking place and because of our efforts, we have seen a large improvement in the grassroot level,” he said.

Sangma said the MDA government has been able to complete around 800 kms of PMGSY roads including those pending since 2001-2002, within a span of two years.

Stating that there is also improvement in the social sectors, he said in the next three years to come, the government will further ensure stability and overall improvement in the system, which will be able to deliver more to the people and the state.

To a question, the chief minister said both law and order situation and development are important for the state to move forward.

“We have challenging situations in law and order but I think because of the way we handle the situation, we have ensured that we have kept a very focus approach in ensuring people are always kept first. We were able to overcome a number of situation but challenges are there and it will always be there.This is not the only government that is facing law and order situation , every government faces law and order situations not just in Meghalaya but the country as a whole,” he said.

In view of the prevailing law and order situation in the state, Sangma however said it is important for citizens of the state to realize the need to maintain peace by keeping in mind livelihood and economic aspects.

According to him, any kind of disturbance, the ones who are affected most are “our own people.”

The chief minister further assured that the government will continue to work committedly to ensure the state move positively in all aspects.