Meghalaya CM confident of NPP securing a landslide victory in the upcoming assembly polls

Meghalaya CM confident of NPP securing a landslide victory in the upcoming assembly polls

SHILLONG, FEB 22: As the date for polling nears, National People’s Party (NPP) Chief Conrad K. Sangma has intensified his campaign. However, contrary to the rival parties’ campaigns that have centred on mudslinging and negativity against the NPP-led MDA government, Conrad Sangma has kept his campaigns clear of blame games, stressing on the development and peace the NPP government has brought to the people of the State in the last 5 years, and kept the interests and aspirations of the people above everything else.

He has stressed on the fact that the NPP has gotten stronger in the last 5 years whereas all its rivals have only gotten weaker, which shows the faith of the people on the party. Because of this, he is confident of NPP securing a landslide victory in the upcoming Meghalaya Assembly polls, enabling the party to form a single-party government, making it only the second instance in the history of Meghalaya to happen; the 1st instance was in 1972 when APHLC won 32 seats.

On Wednesday, he focused on two constituencies in North Garo Hills – Resubelpara and Mendipathar. He campaigned for Timothy D Shira in Resubelpara and Marthon Sangma in Mendipathar.

At Daram playground under Resubelpara constituency, Conrad urged the people to come together to vote for a party that cares for Meghalaya. “In 2018, the political scenario was different and it has drastically changed today. Most political parties in Meghalaya have weakened in the last five years, whereas NPP has emerged as a major political force in the State,” he informed.

He said Congress had inroads in the region but it has become redundant after their leaders shifted to the Trinamool Congress (TMC). “Today Congress and TMC are campaigning to popularise their parties, but going by their campaign trail, they have miserably failed,” he said.

Asking people to make a conscious decision in this election and vote for a party that has demonstrated its concerns by ensuring concerted development in the region, the NPP Chief asserted, “NPP has fulfilled the promises made in 2018 and remains committed to further initiate development and welfare. For NPP, the people’s concerns come first.”

He also acknowledged the efforts of new leaders, who have lend their support to NPP from other political parties.

Reiterating that NPP will form the Government, he said that in 2023 the NPP is confident of forming a single majority government.

“Our assessment from across the State is clear as people are coming out in large numbers to pledge their support to NPP. People of Garo Hills have been able to live in peace for the last five years. There has been no law and order situation. There was no instance of kidnapping and extortion in the region compared to previous years. People have led a peaceful life. Now, we have to consider which party can continue to ensure peace in the State and consider to vote for NPP,” he said.

He also informed that the Government of India had plans to introduce different laws that would have affected the rights of the tribal people in the schedule tribe areas, but NPP initiated dialogue to stop such laws from being implemented in the State.

“People of Garo Hills should never allow any other political party, and continue to support and strengthen NPP as people’s mandate will only ensure that NPP continues to further the interest of our people and ensure concerted development,” he added.

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