Meghalaya Governor to take part in ‘OperationClean-up’

Shillong, Sept 19: Meghalaya Governor, Tathagatha Roy will take part in the ‘Operation Clean-up’ at Umkaliar on September 21.

The drive will start at 9 am.

The cleaning drive is part of The Shillong Times Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

All schools, colleges, universities, individuals and well meaning groups have been requested to lend their support to this initiative.

“We believe that every Shillongite is committed to a cleaner environment and clean and pristine, free flowing rivers,” the statement said.

The 3rd Phase of the Clean-up happened on September 7 last. This time the Clean-up teams will be divided into four groups each under a supervisor, and undertake the cleaning at different phases of the river to ensure that garbage is tackled at different lengths of Umkaliar before it flows to Umkhrah river.