Meghalaya govt claims two-day total lockdown in Shillong contains surge of COVID-19 cases

Shillong July 14:  The Meghalaya government has on Tuesday claimed that total lockdown for two days in Shillong Agglomeration has helped in containing the surge of COVID-19 positive cases.
The state saw the spike of positive cases between July 9 and 12.
 Deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong told reporters on Tuesday that total lockdown in Shillong Agglomeration which would end on Wednesday morning would not continue as the situation hsas improved in the last two days of the total lockdown period.
“The situation has improved on Monday and Tuesday, but we should not be complacent. On Monday 12 new cases were reported and only three new positive cases reported on Tuesday,” Tynsong justified.
He also informed that the decision not to continue with the total lockdown was because contact tracing of the 41 wedding attendees has completed.
 Earlier, 41 persons from Shillong had attended the wedding at Greenwood Resort in Guwahati on June 27 and held a reception in Shillong on July 2.
“Total lockdown will end temporarily on Wednesday morning, and we will further observe the situation,” Tynsong said.
According to Tynsong, the names of persons identified in the contact tracing list, would be also shared with their respective localities so that they can also monitor in their respective localities or villages.
Director of Health Services (MI), Dr Aman War said that three new positive cases have been confirmed on Tuesday, taking the total active cases to 270 which include 236 in East Khasi Hills district alone including 179 BSF personnel.
In total, there are 318 cases including 46 persons who have recovered and two who died due to infection.
Dr War said that the government through the health teams has been continuing with the contact tracing of news positive patients.
Dr War informed that out of 8 persons (who are the high risk contacts of wedding attendees) who has tested positive,  altogether, 198 contact tracing has been done.
He said that all the main contacts of the positive patients in connection with the wedding party have been tested, and they were negative, except eight who tested positive.
On June 27, there were 41 persons who attended the wedding party at Greenwood Resort in Guwahati, foollowed by a wedding reception in Shillobg on July 2.
Few days later, two of the wedding attendees tested positive, and subsequently, 8 of their high risk contacts also tested positive.