Meghalaya reports one more death due to COVID-19,toll rises to 112

COVID-19: Meghalaya has 534 active cases

Shillong, Dec 01: One more COVID-19 patient died in Meghalaya, taking the fatality count in the State to 112, while 65 more persons tested positive for COVID-19, taking the number of active cases to 669 on Tuesday.

158 new recoveries has been reported today, taking total number of recovered patients to 11,094.

According to the Health department , latest fatality reported , 82 year male from M, Laban, opp Garrison Ground, Shillong, identified as Dr V P Sinha , who had tested positive for COVID-19, succumbs to deadly virus on 30-11-2020 at around 12:20 am at Military Hospital, Shillong on 21-11-2020, diagnosed with Severe Pneumonia with Respiratory Failure due to Covid 19 with CAD with CKD with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Hypertension.

New 65 COVID-19 positive cases were 36 from East Khasi Hills district(Demseniong Cluster – 02,Golflinks Cluster – 01,Health worker- 04,High risk- 08,ILI Case- 07,Lawsohtun Cluster – 01,Mawlai Mawiong Cluster – 01,Mawprem Cluster – 01,Nongrah Cluster – 02,Nongrim Hills Cluster – 04,Returnee- 01,Rynjah cluster- 01,SARI Case – 01 and Umpling Cluster – 01), 16 from East Garo Hills district(High risk- 11 and SBI Williamnagar Cluster – 05), 07 from West Garo Hills district(High risk- 06 and Returnee- 01), 03 from South West Garo Hills district(High risk- 01,Returnee- 01 and ILI Case – 01), 02 high risk from South West Khasi Hills district and 01 high risk from West Jaintia Hills district.

Fresh 158  COVID-19  recovered cases were 70 from West Garo Gills district(High risk- 20,ILI case- 02,Screening purpose- 02,Cherangre cluster- 44 and Dobasipara cluster- 02), 65 from East Khasi Hills district(Armed force/ Para-military force- 14,High Risk- 19,ILI case- 05,Driver- 01,Returnee- 04,SARI case- 01,Golflink cluster- 01,Health worker- 02,IGP cluster- 01,Laban cluster- 01,Laitumkhrah cluster- 03,Langkyrding cluster- 01,Lummawbah cluster- 01,Lumpynngad cluster- 01,Madanryting cluster- 02,Mawlai Mawdatbaki- 04,Mawlai Mawkynroh cluster- 01,Mawlai Phutmawri cluster- 01,Police personnel- 01 and Pynthor cluster- 01), 08 from East Jaintia Hills district(High risk- 01 and ILI case- 07), 08 from south Garo Hills district( Siju Cluster), 04 from Ri Bhoi district(High risk- 01,ILI case- 01,NEPA cluster- 01 and Police personnel- 01) and 03 from South West Garo Hills district(Armed force/ Para-military force- 01 and Health worker- 02).

Till date, the State has registered 11,875 COVID-19 cases, of which 669 are active,112 deceased and 11,094 have recovered.