Meghalaya TMC raises two motions at the GHADC on Separate Electoral Roll and B-Mahal Area

Polls to GHADC will be held on April 9, counting on April 14

Shillong, Jul 28: Meghalaya TMC MDCs moved two non-official motions’ at the GHADC session on Thursday.

The first non-official motion was moved by Alphonsus R. Marak, MDC of Williamnagar to allow a discussion of matters on the Separate Electoral Roll (barring Non-Tribals from participation in GHADC Election) and the second non-official motion was moved by Sadhiarani M. Sangma, MDC from Dengnakpara and Cherak Momin, MDC from Kharkutta to allow a discussion of matters on the B-Mahal area in Garo Hills.

While addressing the media after the session, the MDCs collectively raised the above motions.

The motions were earlier rejected by the chairman of GHADC after a vote where TMC Meghalaya MDCs favoured the motion while 14 other MDCs were against the discussion.

The two non-official motions were dropped from the session after the voting.

TMC Kharkutta MDC Cherak Momin said they have been trying to raise the B-Mahal land issue in the GHADC sessions but the NPP-led GHADC have been evading it time and again.

Momin said, “They didn’t listen to us when we asked for a good opportunity to discuss the B-Mahal land issue. As per our assumption, they want to do it secretly without getting all the stakeholders of the GHADC involved; that is why they are not giving us a chance to us discuss it in the session.”

TMC MDC Alphonsush R Marak addressed the media reiterating the need for the motion in the session, and said “We brought this motion because it is being demanded not only by the oppositions but also by the people living in every corner of the Garo Hills as well as the NGOs. In the previous election, the public and NGOs held a rally and protest against the non-tribals participating in the GHADC. We had brought this motion for the benefit of the tribal people of Garo hills but those people who were in the treasury branch of GHADC (NPP-led ruling ECs) didn’t accept the motions brought by us.”

In addition, he said, “This is not the first time that we, the Opposition MDCs, brought these motions for the third time. Thrice in a row, they didn’t accept the motions brought by us; hence, we had to leave the District council session.”

Marak also emphasized the rules laid down in the Constitution of India and said, “The local body election which is not under the Chief Election Commission of India can frame their own rules and conduct the election based on the Constitution of India, 6th schedule. It is clearly written on the first page of the 6th scheduled para number 6 sub number 2 that the first batch of the elected Autonomous District Council members is to frame the rules of those who can or cannot participate in the GHADC election, which is not done till now. We are very sad that the ruling ECs are not taking any step to frame these rules.”

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