Meghalaya Youth Congress urges people of Garo Hills not to let DDK Tura be taken away

Shillong Aug 01: Opposing the move of the Union ministry of information and broadcasting to have only a programme production centre at Doordarshan Kendra (DDK) Tura, the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Saturday suggested upgradation of the centre with provision of satellite uplinking facilities even as the youth wing urged the people of to not let the institution of significance be taken away from Garo Hills.

The MPYC delegation led by its president, Richard M Marak visited the DDK, Tura and had a discussion with the Station Director regarding the move of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to strip down the DDK, Tura from a full-fledged transmitting station to a mere programme production centre.

“This is a landmark institution in the Garo Hills and has been giving exemplary service to the region since its establishment. The erstwhile Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting established this institution only after doing their due diligence. So, now, before making this move of stripping it down, they should also show the same diligence. They should understand that though we are in the same state, the Garo Hills is a separate entity altogether with different language, culture, etc,” Marak said in a statement.

With the shifting of the transmission centre, Marak said, “we will not be losing just an institution, but we will be losing representation, not only of the Garos but also of all the other under-represented tribes indigenous to the region. We will also be losing the opportunities that the diverse talent of the region got to showcase through this platform. The people of Garo Hills will also be losing out on the job opportunities arising out of such an institution being present here.”

The Youth Congress leader said that instead of stripping down this institution, suggested that there is an overhauling and upgradation of this centre with provision of satellite uplinking facilities, increasing the staff strength and modernization of the existing equipment, some of which have become obsolete.

“We will take this up at all levels and also urge the people of Garo Hills to not let this institution of significance be taken away. We also request our representatives across party lines to work towards keeping this here and push for its upgradation. It has been the trend of the present government at the Centre to disinvest in public sector undertakings and then selling it off to their capitalist masters. They first create a negative narrative where in the PSU is seen as a white elephant, then they disinvest and then sell it off to their capitalist masters at a throwaway price,” the MPYC leader alleged.