Meghalaya’s top in COVID-19 recovery rate in India

Shillong, June 27 – Meghalaya tops the COVID-19 recovery rate amongst the 15 States in India, health official said on Saturday.

Meghalaya reordered 5 active cases, 42 recovered and one person has died as of now

The Union Health Ministry said Meghalaya recorded 89.1 per cent recovery rate followed by Rajasthan 78.8 per cent and Tripura 78.6 per cent as against the national average recovery rate 58.13 per cent amongst COVID-19 patients.

The total number of recovered COVID-19 cases has fast outgrown the number of active COVID-19 cases.

“The difference between recoveries and active cases is fast nearing 1 lakh. The recovered cases have exceeded the active cases by 98,493 as of Saturday,” a health official said.

While the number of active cases stands at 1,97,387,  the official said the number of recovered cases is 2,95,880 as of now.

The other top 15 states include Chandigarh 77.8 per cent, Madhya Pradesh 76.4 per cent, Bihar 75.6 per cent, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 72.9 per cent, Gujarat 72.8 per cent, Jharkhand 70.9 per cent, Chhattisgarh 70.50 per cent, Odisha 69.5 per cent, Uttarakhand 65.9 per cent, Punjab 65.7 per cent, Uttar Pradesh 65 per cent and West Bengal 65 per cent.

As a testimony to the ramped-up testing facilities, India now has 1,026 diagnostic laboratories dedicated to COVID-19. This includes 741 in the government sector and 285 private laboratory, the health official said