MLCU observes World Tourism Day

Shillong, Oct 3: The Department of Tourism and Travel Management, Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), in collaboration with Meghalaya Rural Tourism Forum, recently observed the World Tourism Day by reaching out to the community in Mawrah Village, East Khasi Hills.

With the UNWTO theme for this year’s World Tourism Day being ‘Rethinking Tourism’, the students imparted awareness through role plays and a presentation on the significance of rethinking tourism for sustainable growth.

The students have raised awareness of how to rethink tourism by enhancing the traveler’s experience, better controlling the negative impacts of tourism, and promoting beneficial ripple effects on the broader economy.

Alan West Kharkongor, President of the Meghalaya Rural Tourism Forum, also emphasised the need for community involvement in tourism-related activities in the village and for careful destination planning as Mawrah develops into a popular tourist destination.
Additionally, he discussed the value of managing the village’s tourism activities in a way that promotes sustainable tourism, foster social and economic development and improve people’s quality of life while simultaneously protecting the environment and natural resources.

Kharkongor also emphasised the Clean Sohra Campaign, a project undertaken to raise awareness among visitors to Sohra who come to appreciate the area’s beauty while also to feel a sense of duty and responsibility to maintain Sohra clean and green.

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