MLCU organises trip to Nartiang and Larnai villages to celebrate World Heritage Week

Shillong, Nov 25: With an aim of merging knowledge with experience and providing the students a platform to acquire knowledge through empirical evidence, the Department of Tourism and Travel Management, Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) on November 24, headed to Nartiang and Larnai villages to celebrate the World Heritage Week.

Through, the heritage visit to Larnai and Nartiang, the students gained awareness about the rich heritage of culture and monuments that are an integral part of a community, people of Meghalaya and the importance to strive for its preservation.

In Larnai, the students got hands-on experience on the art of pottery demonstrated by one of the artisans Roilin Pyrtuh.

It is shared that this art originated hundreds of years ago in Larnai village and trickles down to the villagers through their forefathers.

She urged that this art which is a source of livelihood for the people of the village over a hundred years should be preserved and be given special attention to promote the activity.

The visit to the Nartiang Monoliths which is believed to hold the tallest monolith in the world has enlightened students about the historical facts of these sites and structures to the culture and has also prepared them with responsibilities and participation in preserving and conserving these heritage sites and traditional art.

With the presence of Gerald Samuel Duia throughout the trip, owner of Duia Trailblazers, the students also developed vital knowledge and skills on tour guiding and interpretation.