MTC workers union demonstrate on step-motherly attitude of the Government

Shillong,June 27: The Meghalaya Corporation Workers Unoin has on Tuesday expressed great dissatisfaction and regret over the Government’s attitude towards the appointment of its Managing Directors and the transfers of Smti.A.Nikhla,Managing Director ,Meghalaya Transport Corporation.

Demanding the withdrawal on the transferred from the State Government ,the union today demonstrated in front of the office premises, where a large number of workers took part in the demonstration.

Union General secretary,K.Rumnong told the media that the sudden transfer of A.Nikhla is not acceptable, being a women she is a dynamic leader in which the corporation had started showing sign of improvement in all areas with employees have high hopes on the corporation making a turnaround. Moreover she has not yet completed one year in office.

It is quite difficult to comprehend the intentions of the government for not retaining the efficient managing Directors for a longer period in Meghalaya Transport Corporation,K.Rumnong further said..

However, the Meghalaya transport corporation workers union had served a letter in the past also requesting the government for a full time managing director whose tenure should not be less than 5 years, but the response from the government has always been far from positive.

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