NCP MLA denies allegations

Shillong, Aug 9: National Congress Party (NCP) chief Sanbor Shullai on Wednesday alleged that the woman who runs a guest house had leveled allegations against him because she was “allergic” to his regular visits to the guest house.

Speaking to reporters here, Shullai defended the allegation that he chased out non-tribal candidates from the guest house who came to stay one day before participating in an army recruitment rally here.

Shullai also denied that he manhandled the lady who runs the guest house when she came to his house.

“My regular visits to the guest house and regularly telling them to verify documents of guests and ensure they give preference to family people as guests, made them feel allergic. If they cannot accommodate all sorts of guests as per their wish, may be they found that their business has come down,” Shullai alleged.

Shullai said he decided to regularly visit the guest house since controversy had surrounded Marvelene’s Inn, after a minor girl was allegedly raped as she was pushed to prostitution.

Haviva Passah, who runs the Stay Four Seasons Guest House, had filed an FIR against Shullai alleging that on August 2, at around 7.30 pm, the MLA along with his PSO and driver went to the guest house and shouted at the guests and candidates who came to appear for the army recruitment.

Rubbishing her allegation, Shullai said that on that day, he had gone to the guest house to help the candidates who were allegedly being charged Rs 500 per head by the manager of the guest house, Micky Passah.

He said after interacting with the candidates, he found that many of them have come from poor families and he asked the manager to return their money.

Shullai claimed that the candidates were accordingly provided free accommodation at the community hall of Raid Laban Sports, Social & Cultural Organization (RLSSCO) and other places after residents in the area complaint that the candidates were blocking their gates.

He said that it was his duty as MLA to ensure that there was no law and order problem in the constituency that day.

“Because of my intervention, it has angered the lady and her family since the income they were supposed to get from job aspirants has been blocked,” he said.

Denying that he pushed Haviva Passah when she came to his residence, Shullai said that there were many people including staff and neighbours who witnessed her behavior and her mother, D. Passah.

“Inspite of requesting them to wait in the sitting room, they continue to disrupt by shouting. Like a thunder, she (Haviva) shouted and carried a big bag while approaching towards me which makes me suspicious that she might have carried acid in her bag and plans to attack me. Immediately I called my PSO and asked him not to touch her,” he claimed.

Shullai also said that when he was informing the police about the incident, Haviva challenged him that she would also go to the police and lodged a false FIR against him.

Stating that episode was “politically motivated” especially when election is near, the NCP MLA claimed that the family was earlier strong supporters of his opponent, Sounder Cajee.

Shullai however said that they became his supporters after he had helped them when they approached him after the elections.

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