Nearly 90,000 people affected by floods in Meghalaya’s Garo Hills

Shillong, Jul 14: In Garo Hills, close to 90 thousand people were affected by flash floods caused by the swollen Brahmaputra and Jingiram rivers leading to submerge of over 50 villages.

“At least 16,400 households with a population of 89,000 have been affected by the flash flood in 50 villages in the plains of Garo Hills due to the sudden back flow of the Brahmaputra river,” West Garo Hills’ Deputy Commissioner Ram Singh said on Tuesday.

No loss of life has been reported so far.

The Jingiram, one the major rivers in the Garo Hills, caused havoc due to the sudden back flow of the Brahmaputra, inundating the low-lying areas.

“The situation is bad and it is being monitored. Three Community and Rural Development Blocks that include Tikrikilla, Demdema and Selsella have been badly affected,” he informed.

Singh, who visited the flood-hit areas said that the numbers of affected persons is likely to increase further as water level continues to rise.

The villages of Charbatapara, Moulakandi, Patharkata under Demdema Block, Rajpur, many sections of Old and New Bhaitbari, Rajabala, Chokchokia, Selsella have been affected.

Local village authorities said over 15,000 people have been displaced after several households and agricultural crops, particularly the paddy, were submerged.

Several educational institutions have also been submerged under water.

Singh said that 22 relief camps have been been set up.

“We have also geared up to provide relief to the flood affected people for seven days,” he said.