New Home Minister appeals to pro-ILP groups not to agitate

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Shillong, Feb 12: New Home Minister, Lahkmen Rymbui on Wednesday appealed to all organisations demanding implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) to refrain from calling agitations in view of upcoming final examinations of students in the state.

The home minister has also decided to hold meetings with the different pro-ILP groups from Thursday.

“I appeal to all organizations of the state to refrain from calling agitations in view of different upcoming final examinations of students. This is because anti-social elements may take advantage of such situation, and it may lead to unnecessary law and order problem,” Rymbui told reporters.

His statement also came after the Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organization (CoMSO), a conglomeration of 17 groups, has decided to take direct action and implement their own ILP which began from Wednesday.

CoMSO volunteers were also “assisting” the directorate of infiltration at different infiltration check gates in the state by conducting joint checking against influx of illegal immigrants entering the state.

Rymbui said that he would hold a meeting with leaders of the CoMSO on Thursday to discuss on the matter.

“I will also have a meeting with the other NGOs to know their concerns in the coming days because in the end be it government or NGOs, we are citizens of the state but having different duty to be fulfilled,” he said.

Rymbui said that for the first time the government and the people of the state including NGOs have come together in one voice to demand from the Centre to implement ILP in the state.

“When we are already on the same page, I feel we should not have doubts and we need to have patience as there is a process. Yes, they have the right to remind the government of its duty, but it should not be through action that will affect peace and tranquility in the state” he said.

“I will call all the NGOs as I need the support and cooperation of everybody since we have a common goal which is to protect the state and our people,” the home minister said even as he warned that no one should take the law in their own hands.

The CoMSO had earlier said that the Directorate of Infiltration is facing shortage of manpower and there is a need to assist the directorate in detecting and pushing illegal immigrants.

The home minister said that he would hold a review meeting with the department by next week to discuss on various issues.

“We will also take up the matter serious to ensure that the directorate of infiltration functions as per its mandate and that any illegal entry into the state is prevented,” he added.