News outlets urged to adhere to laid down norms


Shillong July 4, 2022: Shillong Police today summoned one individual who has been disseminating information in the form of news through YouTube without following due and proper procedure as per norms to function as a media outlet, sources informed. The interview took place at Sadar police station.

The individual was educated on the nuances of engaging oneself in the information disseminating field, especially with regards to proper procedure of getting officially acknowledged by relevant authorities, following certain protocols and procedures and especially maintaining a strict code of ethics.

The individual having understood the enormous responsibility that also comes along with upholding the freedom of speech and expression, has concurred to undertake the proper route to achieve the purpose

Lately, local netizens have been noting with caution the emergence of several alleged “News” outlets using the YouTube, facebook, Instagram platforms without any due registration process or legal sanctity.

Such outlets have no official source of verifying information and hence are susceptible to hearsay and speculative reporting which is not a healthy trend.

There have been numerous instances of improper publication/telecast of images, inaccurate or unsubstantial/unverified information which has caused confusion amongst the public. In fact, there have been instances when gory and graphic details of mishaps or crimes have been unabashedly telecasted/published by such outlets much to the dislike of the citizenry.

It is hoped that, people at large and especially the vibrant and enthusiastic netizens that abound in the state throughout will appreciate this in all earnest, as it is in the overall best interest for the greater good of the people. EOM

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