No development but only scandals in the past 5 years, change this scandalous Govt: says AITC chief

No development but only scandals in the past 5 years, change this scandalous Govt: says AITC chief

SHILLONG, FEB 22: Chairperson of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said the BJP and Congress can never be friends of the people of Meghalaya.

Addressing an election rally at Rajabala, Banerjee said, “Delhi-based BJP and Congress can never be your friends. They were in power for so many years but could not even build roads in Meghalaya. Trinamool Congress is the party that works for the people…Change this government which has been in power for the past five years. Nothing was done [by the government]. No medical colleges, no good roads, and no system for healthcare facilities were developed. There was no development but only scandals. Change this scandalous government.”

She also slammed the Congress party for failing to fulfil their duties as the Opposition leaders. “Congress is asking for votes but where is their moral right? I was in Congress but they expelled us from the party. We are fighting the battle against BJP and every day BJP is knocking at our doors with ED-CBI.”

Urging the people of Meghalaya to choose leaders from the soil, the AITC Chairperson said, “Outsiders want to rule here while oppressing you with NRC, CAA, bullets, and scandals. Do not tolerate this. Meghalaya will be run by Meghalaya and not Guwahati or Delhi. We too won’t run it from Bengal. We are your friends and will only help you with whatever you need.”

Slamming the state and central governments for the Mukroh incident, AITC chairperson said, “They just fire at people according to their own whims and fancies but do not visit the families of those who lost their lives. Why are no central teams sent to investigate these incidents? In West Bengal, several central teams are dispatched for the smallest of things. But here, shots are fired in border areas. So many people die. But the leaders are not present to see the devastation.”

Decimating the divisive propaganda of the BJP, she further added: “Our biggest identity is that we are humans and love humanity. We respect all religions. I believe my first and foremost duty is to be with the people. No religion is bigger than the religion of humanity and standing by the people.”

Promising the “political medicine” for the BJP, the AITC chairperson said, “Ensure victory for Meghalaya TMC in the state as we are the ones who will remove BJP from Delhi in the coming days. Cast your vote in favour of the Trinamool Congress in Meghalaya and tomorrow we will show the way on how to remove BJP from the country. Vote for TMC and we will defeat BJP in the 2024 elections. This is our commitment.”

She concluded her roaring speech by appealing to ‘Vote for TMC and Vote for Unity’ and the crowd responded to her with the same vigour creating an electrifying atmosphere on the ground.

In his speech, AITC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee assured that the Meghalaya Trinamool Congress would implement the WE Card scheme within one month of coming to power.

“We will implement the WE Card Scheme here within a month of forming the government and the female members of every household will get Rs 1,000 per month in their bank accounts,” he said amid massive cheers from the crowd.

Condemning the NPP-led MDA government for a series of scams that hit the state in the past five years, AITC national general secretary added, “In a press conference yesterday, we explained the Meghalaya land scam in detail. Land sold by the villagers at Rs 45 per sq ft was bought from a middleman at the rate of Rs 85 per sq ft. Around Rs 150 crores, that belongs to you, was sent to their masters in Delhi.” The leaders also denounced the MDA government’s lack of action following the Mukroh violence that claimed the lives of five innocent people.

The rally was also attended by TMC legislature party leader Mukul Sangma, State in-charge Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhunia, Trinamool MP and Leader of AITC Parliamentary Party, Rajya Sabha Derek O’Brien, TMC MP Mahua Moitra, State VicePresident James B Lyngdoh, and Meghalaya TMC candidate of Phulbari SG Esmatur Mominin, Meghalaya TMC candidate of Selsella Agassi R Marak, and Meghalaya TMC candidate of Rajabala, Dr. Mizanur Rahman Kazi

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