Om Birla to address Members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly

Shillong, Feb 24: Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla will address Members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly at the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Building, Rilbong on March 25, following which he will visit the construction site of the New Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Building at Mawdiangdiang.

On the following day of his visit, the Lok Sabha Speaker will inaugurate the Outreach and Familiarization Programme for Local Bodies of the State of Meghalaya and other North Eastern States scheduled to be held at the State Convention Centre, Pinewood Hotel, Shillong.

Initiated by the Lok Sabha Speaker, this first of its kind programme is being organized by the Parliamentary Research and Training Institute for Democracies (PRIDE), Lok Sabha Secretariat and the programme focuses on enhancing participatory democracy through a greater awareness of the procedures and processes followed by democratic institutions functioning at various levels right from the grassroots to the apex level.

The programme is intended to strengthen the institutions of governance and planning at the grass-root level, since maximizing self-governance is critical to empowering people. Apart from Panchayati Raj System, there is a need for mobilizing and strengthening Traditional Grass Root level Institutions as present in the Fifth and Sixth Schedule States.

The first such Outreach Programme was organized at Dehradun, Uttarakhand on January 8, 2021 with full cooperation and support of the State Government.

The second edition of the Outreach programme, carrying the theme ‘Panchayati Raj System/Autonomous District Councils: Strengthening the Decentralized Democracy’ is being organized for the Grass Root level Institutions of the State of Meghalaya and other North Eastern States on February 26, 2021 at the State Convention Centre, Shillong.

Around 90 Members of Autonomous District Councils of Meghalaya will be physically attending the above mentioned programme.

The fundamental aims and objectives of the programme include creation of mass awareness and mass participation, creation of self confidence and self respect for the ground level leaders, creation of sense of ownership of the assets that have been created, fuelling the ambitions for grass root political leaders for democratic values, creation of awareness about the various schemes and providing an opportunity to develop a network and push the aspirational level of the ground level leadership.

The Outreach and Familiarization Programme will feature Panel Discussions on topics including Indian parliament and Grass Root level Institutions, Leadership of Local Bodies for the Tribal Welfare in the North Eastern States & Natural Resources of the North Eastern States and the Role of Local and Traditional Bodies in its preservation and conservation.