Review state reservation policy: JCCRP told Govt

Review state reservation policy: JCCRP told Govt

SHILLONG, APR 27: The Jaintia Coordination Committee for Reservation Policy (JCCRP) has demanded the state government to review the state reservation policy.

The JCCRP is a conglomeration of traditional heads – Synjuk Waheh Chnong Ri Jainita and Synjuk Waheh Chnong Jowai and pressure groups – JSU, JYF, JSM and EJNC.

In its letter to the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on April 25, the JCCRP said, “(We) strongly demand the state government not to initiate the reservation roster since the time the reservation policy came into effect.”

“In fact we would like to suggest the state government to kindly review and revamp this outdated state reservation policy 1972…,” it added.

The JCCRP alleged that the reservation policy at present is discriminating and bias to some tribes and said, “…in fact our Garo brothers are somehow doing well with their 40% share of the state reservation policy whereas we the Khasi and Jaintia have to compete among ourselves with deficient in amount of 40% share and it’s high time for the government to begin and carry out to review the outdated reservation policy so that it be fitted all the three tribes.”

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