Saleng says Mukul is a coward

SHILLONG, JAN 23: Gambegre legislator Saleng A Sangma on Monday slammed the Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma for being a coward by joining the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).

Speaking to reporters, Saleng said, “He was a coward. He could not stick with the Congress that is why he left the Congress and joined the TMC.”

Saleng quit the NCP and rejoined the Congress ahead of the assembly polls.

The Gambegre legislator also alleged Mukul of kicking him out of the Congress. “However, the persons who kicked me out are no longer there…so that’s why I am in,” he said.

Saleng said he has the guts to stay in the opposition when he was an Independent MLA for five years.

“Just look at Mukul Sangma and his team, they were in Congress but why they were so suffocated to stay in a group whole five years. What would have happen to them if they were alone like me? Does anybody have the guts to stay alone in the opposition for whole five years?” he said.

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