Show cause issued to Ganesh Das hospital

Shillong July 31: The Meghalaya government has served a show cause to authority of Ganesh Das Hospital in connection with the alleged harassment and stigmatization of a mother from containment area, who went to the hospital for delivery on July 28.

The mother from Mawlai Mawtawar, was brought back to the hospital on the same day, but the new born died after delivery in the hospital.

Health minister, A L Hek on Friday informed that the show cause was issued to the medical superintendent of Ganesh Das Government Hospital on July 30, seeking an explanation within three days on the incident.

“We have issued the show cause to the MS of Ganesh Das on July 30 and we are waiting for the reply,” Hek said while reiterating that no stigmatization against anyone should take place.

Asked if action would be taken, Hek said that the government would first see the reply based on the show cause which was issued to the hospital authority.

Few days back, Hek said that the hospital could not admit the mother for delivery as there was no more rooms in the isolation ward of the hospital.

Hek said that the hospital has to take precautionary measure on patients who come from the containment area and they have to be kept in isolated ward not in the general ward because of COVID-19.