SSA teachers’ association demands release of funds from State budget for pending salary

'SSA teachers deprived of rights and benefits'

Shillong, Dec 30: The Meghalaya SSA School Association (MSSASA) on Thursday wrote a letter to the Education department for release of additional fund from the State budget for payment of SSA teachers’ pending salary.

In the letter to Ambrose Ch. Marak, State Project Director, SEMAM-SSA, the SSA teachers association stated that the funds released by Government of Meghalaya for payment of salary for August and September, 2021 after government of India released its central share being the additional funds of first instalment for Meghalaya, will be a bit of relief to the teachers.

“But this two months’ salary will not solve the SSA teachers problems and difficulties, and as far as salary matter is concerned the stand of SSA teachers is very clear we demand release of all our pending dues i.e till December, 2021,” Aristotle C. Rymbai, president of MSSASA said.

The MSSASA in the letter to the Education department reiterated that as a mark of protest against the State government for failing to release the additional funds amounting Rs.104 Crores lying with it for the last three years which is a funds for financial support for payment of SSA teachers salary as per Capping norms of ‘Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan’ a part of 10 percent state share borne by the State Government and also for non-releasing all our pending dues/salaries, the General Executive Committee of Meghalaya SSA Schools Association-Central Body unanimously decided that the “Non-Cooperation Movement” to all the programmes and activities of the State Government and the “letter campaign” to Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma and Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui will continue as announced earlier.

This will be followed by peaceful democratic protest of, “Black Flag Sit – in Demonstration and candlelight vigil” on 21st January, 2022.

“We are writing once again to request the State government through you to release the additional funds amounting of Rs. 104 Crores lying with it and to clear all the pending dues/salaries of SSA teachers in the State at the earliest possible so that further agitation can be retreated,” Rymbai stated.

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