State Musician Awarded Samvaad fellowship

Shillong, Nov 22: Amabel Susngi, singer and music teacher, has been awarded the prestigious Samvaad Fellowship by the Tata Steel Foundation. The annual fellowships are awarded to tribal scholars for cultural conservation projects. The awards were announced at the Samvaad 2021, an annual pan-India conclave.

Samvaad 2021 brought together 187 outstanding tribal artists, home chefs, healers, culture crusaders and leaders in person in Jamshedpur, along with more than 4,000 women, men and children from communities of 87 tribes across 25 states and five union territories in India who logged in the dialogues remotely, in a bridgital format.

Amabel’s project is the “Documentation, musical notations and dissemination of Khasi tribal lullabies for parents and families in Khasi and English”.She completed her master’s in music at MLCU and is pursuing her PhD at the same university.

The Samvaad Fellowship provides critical gap funding and also facilitates platforms at national and international levels in support of the fellows.