Gigantic figures of state’s freedom fighters to transform Patriotic Monument

Shillong, Apr 21: The Patriotic Monument of Meghalaya is going to be transformed into an aesthetic delight with the incorporation of the gigantic figures of the three freedom fighters, U Tirot Sing Syiem, U Kiang Nangbah and Pa Togan N Sangma at the premises of the Arts and Culture Department at State Central Library.

Raphael Warjri, Chief Creative Director of Riti Academy of Visual Arts will be executing the project.

According to the government the existing towering pyramid will be enhanced with the incorporation of the three significant figures of freedom fighters and supplemented the structure with a dynamic figurative, the proper platform for laying of wreaths and the overall visual impact of the area.

Sanbor Shullai, Minister, Arts and Culture said that the aspiration of the citizens of the state will be fulfilled with the innovation.

Shullai said ‘Some local organisations have mooted the idea of a figurative image of freedom fighters of Meghlaya in the like of other monuments of national figures like that of Indira Gandhi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’.

He said that the new monument will boost the morale of the youth and inspire the allegiance for the state and the country on the auspicious period of the fiftieth anniversary of Statehood of Meghalaya and the 75th anniversary of national freedom struggle.

Shullai also inform that eminent artist, Raphael Warjri will execute the artworks through an art society, Riti Academy,

“It is a positive gesture to promote local talents also and Bah Raphael has proven his mettle with the artistic mural at the prominent location of the city,” Shullai said.

The Minister informed that in the first phase of the project the cost would be Rs. 30 Lakh, and subsequent phases are being formulated by the department.

It is expected that the first phase will be completed within three months period.

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