Conrad Sangma says, government gave liberty to different departments to take own decisions

Shillong, Mar 8: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma on Tuesday along with the council of ministers released a booklet titled “Meghalaya on the move”, a report to the citizens on completion of four years of the MDA Government.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that over the last four years, the government has given the liberty to different departments to take decisions of their own, which has enabled the government to ensure that all stakeholders were taken on board for the collective interest of the State.

“As a leader the biggest challenge is to find the right people and allow them to work. It simply means that one has to allow the team to work. It also means that you have to allow them what they want to do and believe in them, that they would do the right thing and make independent decision which they feel is right and in the interest of the department, constituency and the people of the State,” the Chief Minister said, while categorically stating that the team work in the government has been ‘great’.

He said that many challenges that came along were tackled by collective teamwork and the government was able to initiate pro-people welfare and development programmes.

“We are not here to harp on, that we have done a lot… we have done whatever we could, but there is a lot more to be done… there are a lot of things that did not go the way we wanted …maybe those decisions were not correct … our decision may not have been correct … but our intent was always correct … we always kept the people of the State first,” he said.

Reminding the gathering on the poor implementation of PMGSY roads in the past, he said that the progress of the road construction was very dismal but in the last four years the State government has ensured speedy progress and today the State is ranked as one of the top performing States in the country.

He informed that during FY 2018-2022, a total of 1,851 km of rural roads were constructed with total spending of Rs. 1,300 cr and Meghalaya has been constructing 2 km road on average every single day during FY 2020-21.

On expenditure of the government, the Chief Minister said, Rs. 10,000 cr was the annual expenditure, which will rise upto Rs. 15,500 this year. “As the spending grows, it will act as a stimulus in the growth of the State and will ensure that the economy of the State grows. Despite Covid challenge, the State government has been able to increase spending and ensure growth and development is on a fast track,” he added.

He further said that the past four years have been very eventful, and the government has taken up several programmes and policies to resolve the various unmet developmental needs of the different sections of the society.

He also spoke on the challenges the government had to face due to Covid pandemic, but that did not dither the effort of the government to ensure growth and development works continued. He informed the gathering that the State has earned accolades at several fronts.

“Our Government has provided rural employment to a greater number of people than ever before, we have financially empowered more women than ever before; we have ensured safe and uninterrupted water and electricity to households”, the chief minister said.

He also told the gathering that the government has ensured programmes for the welfare of the farmers, ensured improved and innovative health care, better educational infrastructure facilities, amongst others.

He further said that the State government has taken a pledge to make Meghalaya among the top 10 States in 10 years, in GSDP per capita and SDG ranking. “We are building a brand Meghalaya on which every citizen can capitalise and benefit,” he added.

Befitting to the occasion, a colourful programme was lined up for the celebration, wherein the Chief Minister along with ministers also launched various citizen welfare programmes.

In presence of various ministers and stakeholders, the Chief Minister launched Meghalaya’s 1st Early Childhood Development & Maternal Health Helpline ‘14410’ which aims to connect mothers with the nearest Govt healthcare facilities for timely support in areas that concern child nurturing & wellbeing of both mother & child.

The Chief Minister’s Safe Motherhood Scheme which aims to accelerate reduction in maternal mortality in the State was also launched in presence of Health Minister James K Sangma. He also launched the ASHA Payment Gateway, an initiative to digitize the incentive payment process for the ASHAs.

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