Govt seeks more doses of Covid-19 vaccine from centre

Govt seeks more doses of Covid-19 vaccine from centre

Shillong, Jun 24: State Health and Family Welfare Minister A. L. Hek on Thursday informed that the government has written to the Centre seeking more doses of COVID vaccines to ensure unhindered immunisation.

“Around 98, 000 doses of vaccine are available in the State. We have written to the central government seeking for more vaccines,” he told reporters.

Hek also informed that the government is discussing the issue of incentivising citizens who come forward to take the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Meghalaya Government on Thursday decided that it will take the help of members of the state legislative assembly to ensure that every citizen takes the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We request the MLAs to hold meetings in their own constituencies and urge their constituents to take the vaccine and ensure a massive vaccination drive,” Hek said.

Meanwhile, Director of Health Services (MI), Dr. Aman War on the present Covid-19 situation informed that daily cases more or less are constantly hovering around the 400-500 mark.

“We are confident and very hopeful that the vaccination drive which we have undertaken will boost up and it will provide the necessary protection to the people of the State plus it will give the health workers confidence,” Dr. War said.

“There is a slight flattening of the curve and with all the protocols in place and with the decision of the Meghalaya High Court clearly stating that those who spread rumours, on the efficacy of the vaccination severe action has to be taken by the government,” the medical official said.

He also said that as one moves on its hope that although Covid-19 will always be there people will be able to adapt with the situation and let life go on as usual.

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